a thought on thanks:

As I pulled my can of pumpkin puree off the shelf, in the company of the Turkey Day masses, I couldn’t help but think about the true mission of tomorrow’s holiday. Arguably, it’s not about pumpkin pie. In fact, the pilgrims were without sugar and wheat flour, so I’m pretty sure they missed the Mayflower on that one. But rather,

thanksgiving. giving thanks. thankfulness.

These aren’t acts that come easily. My daily thoughts are devoid of what I’m thankful for, and full of what I’m without.

An account of wants and shortcomings occurs on any standard stroll about my neighborhood.

leather pants. high-heeled boots. a group of friends for brunch-ing.


a dog. thinner legs. an edgy haircut. someone to hold hands with.

a partner. a child.

In the spirit of this holiday and my recent revelation, I’d like to account for all that I am appreciative of. Because really, dear subconscious, it’s quite a lot.

family. friendship. acquaintances. a gift of the gab.

wonder. inspiration.

independence. a 400 sq ft share of Manhattan.

travel. creativity. culinary intrigue. a challenging job.

fall. music. macarons. a shoe collection rivaling Imelda Marcos.

risk. adventure. opportunity.



I’m only 24 (often feeling like 34), so I have the fortune of being unaware of where life will take me. But every so often, I should remember to adjust my focus to the past, and what life has already given me. An abundance.